Start Dates

  • Main start dates
  • Alternative start dates
Most courses begin on Main Start Dates. Students are strongly encouraged to begin on Main Start Dates. However, students may begin on Mid-term Start Dates if necessary. Please note that the school will be closed on holidays.

Official Holidays

  • Jan 1 New Year’s Day
  • Feb 17 Family Day
  • Apr 10 Easter (Good Friday)
  • May 18 Victoria Day
  • Jul 1 Canada Day & ILAC’s Birthday
  • Aug 3 Civic Holiday: Simcoe Day BC Day
  • Sep 7 Labour Day
  • Oct 12 Thanksgiving Day
  • Nov 11 Remembrance Day*
  • Dec 25 Christmas Day
  • Dec 26 Boxing Day **

*Vancouver only
**Toronto only

We encourage students to start their program on a main start date. If students choose to start on an alternate start date, they can expect to
have a level test on the first week of class. Students that want to start Pathway classes from their first week should start on a main start date.


ORIENTATION AND HOLIDAY POLICY: Orientation for new students is held on each Sunday prior to the Monday start date.
When a holiday falls on Monday, ILAC will be closed for regular classes and the orientation will take place on Monday instead of Sunday.

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