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Homestay Special Diet $30 CAD p/w more info


Dream House Residence 🛈
Dream Apartments 🛈
Casa Residence 🛈
Dream House Markdale 🛈
Dream House Lakeshore 🛈
APT Living 🛈
GEC Viva 🛈
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Shared House
*House or apartment with shared kitchen with four or more people, no host family. **Premium condo or apartment building, common areas shared only with one other bedroom. No host family, light weekly cleaning service for common areas.

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Airport pick-up $115 CAD

Airport drop-off $115 CAD
Prices may vary based on availability

Health care

Months Membership Fee Daily Rates Total Select
1 $140 $60 $200
2 $140 $120 $260
3 $140 $180 $320
4 $140 $240 $380
5 $140 $300 $440
6 $140 $360 $500


Residence prices may vary based on availability.

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