Adult English Programs

Minimum Age 19 years

IELTS Preparation

Minimum Age 19 Years - ILAC
IELTS Master Class: Pre-Advanced To Proficiency - ILAC

Level 10 - 17

Pre-Advanced to Proficiency

Under the guidance of ILAC’s expert teachers, this program will help students gain the skills, confidence and techniques needed to take the IELTS exam and achieve their desired score. The IELTS Exam is recognized by over 9,000 organizations worldwide, including schools, universities, immigration authorities, professional bodies, and employers.

each english level is 4 weeks


Schedule for ILAC Programs in Canada

Schedule For Programs - ILAC

Study Options

Start Dates

Students can start every Monday.
Please view start dates for details.

English Testing

Students write a practice IELTS test every second week to measure their progress. By tracking their success, students will know when they are ready to take the official IELTS exam.

Level Placement

Students take a placement test on their first day to determine their English level.

Students who test at level 10 or above may directly enter the IELTS Preparation course.

Students who test at level 9 or below, will begin in the General English program.

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