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  • ILAC is the pioneer in University Pathway programs in Canada, having launched its first program in 1997
  • ILAC has partnership agreements with over 70 top universities and colleges across Canada
  • Acceptance to most of ILAC’s Pathway partner colleges and universities without IELTS and TOEFL
  • ILAC offers complimentary academic counselling and university placement services
  • Every graduate of ILAC’s University Pathway program will be prepared for the academic challenges that lie ahead


ILAC’s award-winning University Pathway program is for you if:

  • You have finished high school and want to enrol in an undergraduate program (diploma or Bachelor’s degree) at a Canadian university or college
  • You have graduated from university and are planning to enrol in a postgraduate program (Master’s degree or postgraduate certification)
  • You want to be prepared for Canada’s challenging higher education standards and succeed

Our Pathway Specialists will help you

  1. They will find the perfect university or college and program for your goals
  2. They will help you discover new opportunities and programs you might not have known about
  3. They will guide you through the application process
  4. They will provide you with a conditional letter of acceptance (LOA) from the partner university or college of your choice to apply for a study permit
  5. They will organize group or individual tours to partner colleges and universities
  6. They will provide ongoing support and academic counselling in many languages
  7. Most importantly, they will help you succeed in university or college and start your professional career in Canada

Meet our Pathway Specialists

Do You Want Complimentary Academic Counselling?

ILAC will provide you with a direct transfer to partner colleges and universities

What is a Direct Transfer?

  • ILAC students have a big advantage because of ILAC’s articulation transfer agreements with Canadian universities and colleges
  • ILAC’s University Pathway specialists will apply on students’ behalf
  • Students will not need to take IELTS / TOEFL upon successful completion of the University Pathway program

How do I apply for ILAC’s University Pathway Program?

  1. Take our free online English test
  2. Contact our Pathway Specialists or your agent and tell them your goals
  3. Email a copy of your transcripts from high school and / or university
  4. Contact our Pathway Department and obtain your application form

Why study in Canada?

Canada is a top destination for post-secondary education

  • Inexpensive, world-class education
  • A strong economy with opportunities for entry-level positions
  • Work permits are available to college students from day of arrival (20 hours / week)
  • Canada offers post-graduate work permits (1-3 years)
  • Canada encourages cultural diversity in the workplace

University Pathway FAQs

What does University Pathway program cost?

There are no additional fees for the University Pathway program. It is the same price as regular English courses. See prices for more information.

How much does ILAC’s placement and counselling service cost?

ILAC provides complimentary placement and counselling service for all students enrolled in our University Pathway program (minimum 8 weeks).

What English level do I need to be accepted for University Pathway program?

  • Students with Pre-Advanced level or higher may enter University Pathway program immediately.
  • Students can take our online test to determine their English level. All students will take a written and oral test on their first day to confirm their current English level.
  • Students tested in Beginner to High Intermediate will be placed in General English first. Once they reach Pre-Advanced level, students can start the University Pathway program.

How do I know if this program right for me?

The University Pathway program is designed for students who:

  • Finished high school and are planning to enrol in an undergraduate program (Diploma or Bachelor’s degree) at a Canadian university or college.
  • Graduated from university and are planning to enrol in a postgraduate program.
  • Want to be prepared to meet Canada’s challenging higher education standards and be successful.

What are the start dates for the University Pathway program?

University Pathway students must start on the main start dates (every 4 weeks). Students in the General English program may start on either main or alternative start dates.

How many weeks do I need to study in the University Pathway program to start college / university?

Please take our Online English test and contact ILAC’s University Pathway specialists or your agent, who can help you to calculate the length of your program based on your approximate English level.

What if I don’t receive the study permit to start my studies at ILAC, following by a college/university?

Pathway specialists will help you to cancel the program and process the refund (if the tuition deposit has been paid).

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of ILAC’s University Pathway program?

Yes, you will receive an ILAC’s University Pathway certificate when you successfully complete the program. The University Pathway specialists will forward a copy of your certificate to the college or university of your choice as a proof of your English proficiency.

What happens if I can’t meet the English requirements on time to start a college / university program?

Most schools will allow you to defer your program for the next semester without any extra charges if you have not registered to any courses. Your Pathway specialist will help you with it.

Higher Education in Canada FAQs

What is the difference between Diplomas & Bachelor Degrees offered by college and Bachelor Degree offered by universities?



What is the difference between Post Graduate Certificate / Diplomas and Master’s programs?


What are Transfer programs (college to university)?


What are the most popular programs for Undergraduate Diplomas and Bachelor Degrees?


What are the most popular Graduate programs?


What is a Conditional Letter of Acceptance?

ILAC’s partner colleges and universities offer conditional acceptance to international students who are academically admissible based on the student’s GPA and program requirements, except for English proficiency.

This means that you have a seat in the program, but your acceptance to college and university is “conditional” based upon satisfying English language requirements. Once you successfully complete the ILAC University Pathway program or achieve required the TOEFL/IELTS scores, you will be unconditionally accepted.

You can apply for a long-term student visa and study permit with both ILAC’s Letter of Acceptance + Conditional Letter of Acceptance from a college / university. You and your family can be also assured that you have a university / college placement prior to arriving in Canada.

Work Permits FAQs

Can I work while studying at college / university?

Working on campus: If you have a valid study permit, you are eligible to work on the campus of the institution you are currently enrolled.

Working off campus: You can work part-time during their academic program (20 hours per week) and full-time during winter, summer, and spring holidays. You can work in any occupation and change employers whenever you like.

Can I work while studying at ILAC?

If you are studying English as a second language you are not eligible to work during your program.

Admission Requirements & Application Process FAQs

What are admission requirements for ILAC’s Partner Colleges?

  • High school diploma from your home country (for Undergraduate Diplomas / Bachelor degrees)
  • Bachelor Degree from your home country (for Post-Graduate Certificate / diploma programs)
  • GPA: Minimum C average
  • Certificate of the ILAC University Pathway program OR Proof of English Proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent)

Some programs have additional requirements – for more information check with our Pathway specialists.

What are admission requirements for ILAC’s Partner Universities?

  • High school diploma from your home country (for Bachelor degrees)
  • Bachelor Degree from your home country (for Master ‘s Degree Programs or Post- Graduate diploma programs)
  • GPA: Minimum B
  • Certificate of the ILAC University Pathway program OR Proof of English Proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent)

Some programs have additional requirements – for more information check with our Pathway specialists.

When should I begin the application process if I want to enter college / university right after completion of the ILAC University Pathway program?

It depends on the program and college / university chosen; some may require applying one year in advance. You should also consider the time you need to submit documents for long term student visa (study permit). We recommend applying for a college / university at least 4 months prior to coming to ILAC.

How long does it take to receive a conditional letter of acceptance from my college / university of choice?

Once the University Pathway specialists have carefully assessed all your documents and send them directly to university / colleges, usually it will take 4-8 weeks to receive your conditional letter of acceptance. However, different application processing time varies from different colleges / universities.

How much do I need to pay to apply for colleges / universities and receive a conditional letter of acceptance?

Most of ILAC’s partner Schools require a non-refundable application fee, usually around $100-150. In BC, most schools require the first semester’s tuition as a deposit. Your Pathway specialist will guide you through the application process, deposit to be paid, and all necessary documents to be submitted for the college / university you have chosen.

How do I begin the application process to college / university?

  1. Take our Online English test.
  2. Enroll in the ILAC University Pathway program.
  3. Inform your agent or the Pathway specialists what program / area you are interested in studying at college and/or university.
  4. Choose your program of study and partner university / college with the assistance of your Pathway specialist. Fill out the International Application form, and submit it to the ILAC University Pathway Department.
  5. Email a copy of a translated and notarized diploma and/or transcripts of high school and/or university with other supporting documents, if required, to the Pathway specialists.
  6. The ILAC University Pathway specialists will help you complete all of the necessary paperwork to apply for ILAC’s partner colleges and/or universities of your choice.
  7. The ILAC University Pathway specialists will carefully assess all of your documents and send them to the universities and/or colleges on your behalf.

Other Programs FAQs

What is Gap Year?

Gap Year is a program that offers a unique combination of English program and Canadian college / university experience. Gap Year allows students to complete one semester of English classes at ILAC and a second semester at a college or university campus in Toronto or Vancouver. Study alongside Canadian students at George Brown College, Seneca College, Niagara College, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and Capilano University – five extremely well-respected and popular educational institutions in Canada. The program is about 32 weeks in total.  For more details, contact us at

Does ILAC offer GMAT Preparation?

ILAC helps students prepare for MBA programs. Academically eligible students can take ILAC’s GMAT Preparation course. In this program, they can sharpen their verbal and quantitative skills, and gain proven test-taking strategies to score well on the GMAT.

Students can then enroll in the GMAT Preparation course with The Princeton Review, recognized as the leading GMAT preparation program. The course runs for 9 weeks and consists of one weekly three-hour class.

Students can take the course at the same time as our University Pathway program, either in the evening or on weekends. Students may also take the GMAT Preparation course immediately after finishing the University Pathway program.

Can I go to a High School in Canada?

High School Year is a part of the University Pathway program for students who have not completed high school in their home country. Students who need to upgrade their high school grades in order to apply to a college or university can also take this program. We recommend students to arrive in Canada at Grade 11 or Grade 12 for high school education.

ILAC works with a partner high school in Toronto. Students can start high school courses full-time once reach ILAC’s English Level 12.  ILAC’s partner institution, Braemar College, is a boutique school in downtown Toronto with ESL programs designed for international students’ success. There are 5 start dates every year: September, November, February, April, and July.

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