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minimum age 19 years

Business English

Minimum Age 19 Years - ILAC
Three Best Business English Course Books - ILAC

Level 10 - 17

English Fluency for Professionals

This course focuses on English fluency for professionals. Students will learn career-oriented skills, and how to communicate effectively in the workplace. Topics include: negotiating, networking, and managing meetings. Writing effective business correspondence and presentations is also covered.
Business English Course Levels - ILAC

each english level is 4 weeks


Schedule for ILAC Programs in Canada

Schedule For Programs - ILAC

Study Options

Start Dates

Students can start every Monday.
Please view start dates for details.

English Testing

Students are tested using the Business English Exam (BEC). This allows teachers and students to see their success and track their improvement. This exam is internationally recognized and accepted globally by top international companies.

Level Placement

Students take a placement test on their first day to determine their English level.

Students who test at level 10 or above may directly enter the Business English course.

Students who test at level 9 or below, will begin in the General English program.

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