Young Adult Programs | Year-Round​

Ages 16-18 Years

General English

Level 1-9

Beginner English to University Proficient English

Beginner to High-Intermediate students start with General English before moving on to more advanced courses. Through the Cambridge Communicative Method, students develop all 4 language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).

each english level is 4 weeks

Advanced Course Choices

Study Options

Start Dates

Students can start every Monday.
Please view start dates for details.


English Testing

Students write a practice Cambridge test every second week to measure their progress. This allows teachers and students to see their success and track their improvement.

Level Placement

Students take a placement test on their first day to determine their English level.

Students tested at level 9 or below are placed in General English.

Students who test at level 10 or above will choose an advanced level course.

Take our online English test -
version 2021!

Take our online English test - version 2021!

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