Vacation Requests

Important Information

  1. Students must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 weeks to be eligible.
  2. Vacation requests may be made for 2-week or 4-week periods only [1]
  3. Vacation requests cannot be back-dated (applied to dates in the past).
  4. Students studying in-person in Canada must sign a contract amendment form with their new end date. [2] Please ensure that your original contract has been signed and that you have uploaded all ILAC Admission documents via the student portal to process your vacation request faster.
  5. Minors must have their parent or guardian submit their vacation request. Minors in pre-packaged programs (i.e., summer teen camp) are not permitted to take vacations.
  6. Pathway students must begin their vacations on weeks with a main start date (see Start Dates for details). Pathway 3 students are not eligible for vacations.  If you have questions, contact [email protected].
  7. Vacation requests must be submitted by Wednesday for the following Monday.
  8. All vacation requests are subject to a $50 administration fee.

If you have read and understood the conditions above and would like to proceed with your vacation request, please submit your request through the student portal.


[1] If you are sick, or have an unexpected situation requiring a short-term absence, please email [email protected]

[2] Students must ensure their visa status allows changes to their enrolment