600+ students, 45 universities and colleges… it’s the ILAC Higher Education Fair!

Earlier this month, over 600 ILAC students in Toronto met with 45 Canadian universities and colleges at the ILAC Higher Education Fair.

This unique event gives international students at ILAC a chance to speak directly with representatives from top post-secondary institutions across Canada.

Students enjoying at the ILAC Higher Education Fair

The most common questions schools received were about programs, admission requirements, fees, student permits and visas.  Students were also are interested in learning about work opportunities in Canada before and after graduation.

ILAC was the first school in Canada to offer pathways programs and launched its first agreement in 1997. Today, ILAC has partnerships with over 70 universities and colleges across Canada and the USA. International students who complete the ILAC Pathway Program can access higher education without doing an IELTS and TOEFL.

Students talking to a school representative at the ILAC Higher Education Fair in Toronto

In addition to preparing students for post-secondary studies, ILAC offers complimentary academic counselling and university placement services to ensure that students are successful in their chosen fields.

The ILAC Higher Education Fair was part of the ILAC Higher Education Workshop, which brings together Canadian post-secondary institutions and international education agents to showcase Canada “as the land of opportunity” for work and study.

Students reading a brochure at ILAC Higher Education Fair

Learn more about the ILAC Pathway Program in Toronto and Vancouver.

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