Turkish Consul General Meets with ILAC

Last month, the Turkish Consul General Erdeniz Şen and Education Attaché İlhan Çoban met with ILAC students and staff to learn about programs and services available to Turkish students.

Turkish students have been coming to ILAC since 1997, and every year almost one thousand Turkish students study English at ILAC before continuing on to higher education institutions across Canada. In 2017, there were 3,855 Turkish students studying in Canada at the university, collegiate, language school and K-12 levels.

ILAC is quite well-known in Turkey and Canada is considered a top study destination because of its reputation for being safe, welcoming and a pathway for further education and work experience.

“I was working as a news anchor for Al Jazeera Turk when I first heard about ILAC,” says Yusuf Baykal Bozkurt, who studied English at ILAC in 2016 and now works for the school as a digital content producer and journalist. “ILAC has given me a tremendous opportunity to expand my skills and experience Canadian culture.”

There are over 65,000 Turkish immigrants in Canada, most of whom live in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.  Canada and Turkey also have longstanding diplomatic relations – in 1944, Turkey opened an Embassy in Ottawa and in 1947, Canada appointed its first Ambassador to Turkey. 

For more information about Turkish students in Canada, visit the Turkish Education Ministry website.