ILAC: Standing Up for Human Rights

Dear Friends, 


It is not our practice to take a position on global events, but the brutal murder of George Floyd, seen by the world, speaks to our core values at ILAC.   


We are reminded of the power that racism has to divide and destroy, not only in the US, but also in our own country of Canada. 


This recent tragedy brings to the forefront the fears, injustices and systemic racism that Black communities have faced for generations. As an organization, ILAC supports the global movement of standing up for human rights. There is no place for racism, hatred and oppression in our society.  


As human beings, we all have the responsibility not only to condemn discrimination, but also to take action to promote inclusivity and equity for everyone. This includes taking time to listen to and empathize with the voices and perspectives of those who experience oppression and to continuously reflect on our own privilege, biases and assumptions.  


At ILAC, our values are acceptance and respect toward everyone, regardless of their background, race or religion. Diversity in our workplace and in the classroom defines our distinctive culture and school community. 


Over the past 23 years, we have observed that when students from different backgrounds share a classroom they see each other as human beings and not through the lens of their historical biases.  

We believe that international education is one of the most powerful ways to change the world.  


Our hearts are with all the Black Americans and Black Canadians who are grieving and speaking out. 

They deserve to live a life of freedom, as we all deserve to. 


With love, 

Jonathan Kolber,


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4 days ago


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2 weeks ago


Are you ready? ILAC is resuming in-person classes in Vancouver starting July 6 and in Toronto once the government approves.

ILAC has invested thousands of dollars to update its campuses and provide a safe and healthy environment for learning.
Safety measures include:
Thermometers at the main entrance
Social distancing inside the school
Classes with 4 students maximum
Masks provided to all students to wear at all times
Medical grade air filters as used by dentists and medical clinics
Hand sanitizers at all entrances
Regular hand-washing protocol (signs across the building)
Disinfection through fogging and misting
Face shields for employees in high traffic areas and for teachers
Nurses on-campus to monitor all procedures are being followed correctly

For more information:
#ilaclovesyou #reopening #stayhome #learnenglishincanada #studyabroad #ilacfriends #iloveilac 🇨🇦
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