Top 10 Sports Idioms

In honour of World Cup 2014, we have collected some sports idioms that you can use in your everyday speech. Try them out on a friend today!

blogpost4R1) Give it your best shot – Try your hardest.

I’m not sure how I did on my test, but I gave it my best shot.

2) No sweat – No problem.

It’s no sweat to drive you to the concert.

blogpost2R3) Make the cut – To be chosen to be part of a team or group.

I didn’t get a second interview so I’m pretty sure I won’t make the cut.

4) Level playing field – Everyone has an equal chance.

All the job candidates have a degree so it’s a pretty level playing field.

blogpost3R5) Shot in the dark – A guess.

I can’t believe I passed the test, most of my answers were shots in the dark.

6) Out of someone’s league – Not as good as someone.

Selena Gomez is totally out of my league.

blogpost5R7) Get the ball rolling – Begin something.

Everyone take a seat so we can get the ball rolling.

8) Blind-sided – To not see something coming.

Jack was blind-sided when Jill broke up with him.

blogpost6R9) Take sides – Choose a person or group to support.

“I don’t want to take sides, but Maria was waiting in line before you.”

10) Time out – Break.

“I need a time out from studying.”

Have fun using these idioms and sound like a native speaker!

By Alisha Sevigny



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