ILAC Higher Education Workshop – Vancouver 2015

From December 10th to 13th, over 80 agents from 18 different countries joined us on an adventure that would result in new partnerships established, knowledge acquired, and an experience of a lifetime!

The ILAC Higher Education Workshop, also known as the ILAC FAM Trip, is an annual multi-day event where participating agents and industry partners learn about the opportunities of continuing education for international students in Canada.

Sponsored by Thompson Rivers University, Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), Humber College, University Canada West and Club ESL, this year’s workshop in Vancouver was the perfect opportunity for agents to get familiarized with ILAC programs and campuses, and meet representatives of our college and university partners.

There’s no better way to get the workshop started than by a welcoming red carpet and reception sponsored by our partners at the Vancouver Film School! Agents learned about this fantastic school and its facilities.

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Agents got a fresh start on the first official day of the workshop with interactive Service Excellence Training to improve their customer service skills.

Vancouver has breathtaking views wherever you look, which is why the next activity was a sightseeing tour around the city, including ILAC’s new “Boutique Style” campus, followed by a tour around KPU.

The brand new ILAC campus served as a venue for the delicious dinner sponsored by KPU! Nothing like a gourmet meal, sparkling wine, lots of surprises and a fun photo booth to finish the first day of the workshop!

The ILAC Higher Education Workshop is all about learning and networking, so the agent info session featuring a special guest from University Canada West, and the successful business meetings between agents and our Academic Pathway partners were a crucial part of the workshop.

“The ILAC Higher Education Workshop helps us a lot to make good connections in Canada and establish our agencies in the higher education market.” – Gilberto Brandão, 2BeStudy Group

“The ILAC Higher Education Workshop is very important for us to know the difference between different options and colleges, and to grow as an agent.”  – Juan Camilo Serrano, Information Planet

After three days of fun, learning, and exploring, the ILAC Higher Education Workshop came to an end. Our agents are our most valuable industry partners, and they deserve recognition! They didn’t leave empty-handed after the fantastic Gala Dinner and ILAC Lifestyle Party, where awards of appreciation and certificates were given away byILAC’s Executive Directions Jonathan Kolber and Ilan Cohen.

“The workshop was a great way for us to meet a diverse range of new agents and also, connect with colleagues from other institutions.” – Yaya Siggins, University of Regina

Even though ILAC’s part of the Higher Education Workshop was over, the learning didn’t stop! Agents took a trip to Kamloops to visit Thompson Rivers University and explore the campus, learn about the facilities and opportunities for international students, and have lots of fun at beautiful Sun Peaks!winner ad

For the second time in a row, the #ILACFam Photo Contest gave agents the opportunity to win a CAD $1,200 credit towards their flight to the 2016 ILAC Higher Education Workshop in Toronto. Hundreds of photos, tweets, and statuses from the best moments of the event were shared all over social media by the participants, and the agents from Ad Astra International did such a great job covering all the activities that we decided to cover their next trip! Check out some of our favourite entries here!

Thank you to all the participants for making the ILAC Higher Education Workshop an unforgettable experience, and we hope to see you next year!

Check out the video below and experience the workshop with us!

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