5 Tips for Students Taking Exams

1) Wake up early. Give yourself time to have a good breakfast, have a coffee and not worry about being late if transportation isn’t cooperating. (I’m talking about you TTC!)

2) Don’t stress! Remember, it’s just a test. Of course you want to do your best, but the fate of your future does not usually rest upon one test. Breathe.

3) Read the instructions carefully. So many times when I was I teaching I’d see students lose marks because they didn’t read the instructions properly. Understanding instructions is part of the test itself.

Student writing

4) Ask your teacher! If there’s something you don’t understand, raise your hand. Your teacher won’t give you the answer, but they might be able to explain things in a different way so you understand.

5) Take time to look over your work. If might be tempting to finish your exam as soon as possible but take a few minutes to go through the test again to make sure you read everything correctly and left an answer in every space (even if it’s just your best guess!)

Good luck!

Alisha Sevigny

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