Meet The Winners! 10 Finalists Of The Ilac Leadership Scholarships For Turkish Women


TORONTO, August 1, 2019 – The International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) is pleased to announce the 10 finalists of the ILAC Leadership Scholarships for Turkish Women. Each winner will receive a scholarship to study English at ILAC in Toronto for one academic year.

“These women are a true inspiration,” says Jonathan Kolber, CEO and Co-Founder of ILAC. “At ILAC, we believe that when you educate a girl you transform her world, and she, in return, transforms the world around her. That is the power of education and we hope that these scholarships will open doors and minds to incredible possibilities for these 10 young women from across Turkey.”

The 10 finalists of the ILAC Leadership Scholarships for Turkish Women are:

1. Simge Kilic, Izmir · Global Vision Izmir

2. Simge Nur Guducu, Istanbul · Atlas Taksim

3. Oyku Kubra Kir, Gaziantep · Academix Taksim

4. Ilayda Nur Arslaner, Izmir · ELT Izmir

5. Gizem Oyku Caglan, Ankara · Troy International

6. Ozge Cetinaslan, Ankara · Global Vision Ankara

7. Merve Ceyhan, Erzurum · YERO

8. Seyma Demir, Antalya · Edcon Nisantasi

9. Erna Gokaslan, Istanbul · Academix Taksim

10. Serra Tatlicilar, Bursa · Atlas Bursa

Runner-ups (in case of disqualification)

11. Esma Nur Pehlivan, Diyarbakir · Atlas Taksim

12. Eylul Betul Simsek, Istanbul · Academix Taksim

13. Meltem Ozdemir, Istanbul · Bilimevi Bahcesehir

14. Asude Arda, Istanbul · Kanada Kultur Merkezi

15. Sebnem Korkmaz, Sakarya · Atlas Taksim

16. Derya Caliskan, Manisa · Egitim Al

17. Esra Yilmaz, Istanbul · Study Zone

18. Merve Nur Izmirli, Manisa · Study Zone

19. Esra Yamanlar, Izmir · ICES

20. Deniz Altindag, Antalya · Academix Antalya

Special thanks to our participating partner agents: Academix, Atlas, Global Vizyon, Study Zone, Edcon, Alternatif, ELT, United Towers, Egitim Al, KKM, ICES, Success, Karya, Esse, Yero, Endless Abroad, Armada Grandee, Advice College, British College, Truva, Global Yurtdisi, Troy, Detay, GKR, Global Yurtdisi, Bilimevi, Edukas, Akin dil, Star Canada Visa and Eduvizyon.

To be eligible for the scholarships, applicants were asked to submit a one-minute video describing their achievements and goals in community service and leadership. The submissions were judged on the basis of their content and creativity and a commission was responsible for vetting and passing on the top 40 to ILAC to select the final ten.

The competition attracted over 250 applicants from across Turkey. The 10 winners of the scholarships are from diverse backgrounds and interests and were selected on the basis of their individual video submissions and letters of reference from their communities.

The 10 scholars are expected to begin their studies at ILAC in Toronto anytime between September 31, 2019, and December 31, 2020. Each scholarship is valued at $10,000 CAD for the duration of one academic year (nine months).

This is the third year in a row that ILAC has made a pledge of $100,000 CAD in scholarships to empower girls around the world. In 2018, ILAC welcomed 10 young women from across Latin America to study English in Toronto. The year before, ILAC funded studies for female refugees escaping the conflict in Syria. Other initiatives have included scholarships for girls in Ukraine and from the Middle East.

Turkish students have been coming to ILAC since 1997 and every year almost one thousand Turkish students study English at ILAC before continuing on to higher education institutions across Canada. ILAC has over 80 university and college partners that offer direct pathways for Turkish students.

CLICK HERE to meet the finalists and watch their winning videos for the ILAC Leadership Scholarships for Turkish Women!

About ILAC

The International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) is a world leader in English language programming. Since 2009, ILAC has offered scholarships for women from around the world.

Attention winners:

If you are one of the finalists, please contact the ILAC partner agency where you received the letter of reference as soon as possible. If the finalists are candidates who have been refused a visa by the Canadian Government or who have not applied for the application date, alternate candidates will be contacted by ILAC and their agency.

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Lunar New Year is almost here!🧧🎉🎁

Join us in celebrating this special occasion by taking part of ILAC's Photo Contest and enter for a chance to win prizes!

Contest rules:
1. Choose your best photo in an ILAC campus or around Canada!

2. Write a short photo description (maximum 200 words) to share your ILAC/Canadian experience (preferably English).

3. Post it on your personal Facebook page; profile has to be 'public'.

4. To enter the contest: send the post’s link to (for Chinese-speaking students) or (for Vietnamese students) with your full name and ILAC student number.
Deadline to submit posts: 11.59 am Wed, Jan 22

5. The best posts will be selected by the ILAC team and re-posted on our page for voting by likes and shares on Jan 23. 1 like = 1 points / 1 share = 2 points.

6. The voting closes at 11.59 am Mon, Jan 27.

7. We will have separate prizes for Vietnamese and Chinese-speaking students:
• 1st prize – $100 Amazon gift-card
• 2nd prize - $60 Amazon gift-card
• 3rd prize - $40 Amazon gift-card


#LunarNewYear #ILAC #photocontest #canada
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"It will change your life. You’ll come back a new person.”

Viktoria came from Hungary to ILAC International College to improve her English skills and gain work experience in Canada.

"... I am not gonna lie, that's the best decision I have ever made in my life. I just love being here."

For more information:

#studyandwork #learnenglishincanada #studyabroad #ilacfriends #iloveilac #toronto #hungary #ilacic 🇨🇦❤️🇭🇺
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ILAC is deeply saddened by the recent tragedy surrounding the Ukrainian airlines crash in Iran.
This is a tremendous loss to the Iranian-Canadian community and our education community who have lost such incredibly talented and accomplished contributing members.

The loss and contribution to our communities will be profoundly felt across all cities in Canada.

At ILAC, the international nature of our employees, students and friends’ community is something we are incredibly proud of, however this sometimes means we are affected by such disasters.

We are a proud employer of many Iranian-Canadians and Ukrainian-Canadians, as well as a host to many students from these two nationalities.
Every day we strive to create a community of inclusivity at all levels and we will continue to do so in honour of those who lost their lives in this tragic disaster.

We would like to extend condolences and our deepest sympathy to those who have been affected and we look to support the affected community in Toronto and Vancouver as best as we can.
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Muslim came from Germany to study at @ILAC International College to shape his future in more ways than one; Learn about HR, Financial Management, Business Communications, and more! With the aim of managing his own future business successfully, he strives to achieve his education and career dreams.

"As I came here, I saw the greatest diversity of people from different cultures. It feels like my second home ..."

For more information:

#studyandwork #learnenglishincanada #studyabroad #ilacfriends #iloveilac #toronto #Germany #ilacic 🇨🇦❤️🇩🇪
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