University Pathway

ILAC’s University Pathway program prepares students for Canada’s challenging higher education standards. Graduates are expected to achieve a TOEFL score of 90-100 iBT. Students will learn the academic skills necessary to study at a Canadian university or college.

Upon successful completion of the University Pathway program, students will be able to enter most of ILAC’s 82 partner universities and colleges without taking TOEFL or IELTS tests.

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The University Pathway program really broadened my vocabulary and helped me a lot when it came to writing reports and essays.

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The University Pathway program’s focus is placed on writing and researching, providing the knowledge and skills for students to write essays up to 1,500 words. Additionally, students learn reading and note-taking strategies for academic lectures, sophisticated grammar, advanced vocabulary, and precise pronunciation techniques are emphasized to increase speaking skills.

Your Pathway Program length will depend on your English Level.

See chart above for approximate length of study.

Take our Online English test to learn your English Level.

University Pathway students must start on the main start dates (every 4 weeks). Students in the General English Program may start on either main or alternative start dates.

Start Dates

  1. Contact ILAC’s pathway team at for a link to our free Cambridge assessment test.
  2. Enroll in the ILAC University Pathway program.
  3. Inform your agent or the Pathway specialists what program / area you are interested in studying at college and/or university.
  4. Choose your program of study and partner university / college with the assistance of your Pathway specialist. Fill out the International Application form, and submit it to the ILAC University Pathway Department.
  5. Email a copy of a translated and notarized diploma and/or transcripts of high school and/or university with other supporting documents, if required, to the Pathway specialists.
  6. The ILAC University Pathway specialists will help you complete all of the necessary paperwork to apply for ILAC’s partner colleges and/or universities of your choice.
  7. The ILAC University Pathway specialists will carefully assess all of your documents and send them to the universities and/or colleges on your behalf.
  • Written and oral test on the first day to determine student’s English level.
  • Students with an English level lower than Pre-Advanced will be placed in General English first, and then progress into University Pathway I, II, and III.
  • Students with a Pre-Advanced level or higher may enter the University Pathway program immediately.

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