Must-see Waterfalls in Hamilton

The end of summer is near, so it’s time to make the most of summer and explore the natural beauty of Hamilton’s waterfalls. There are over a hundred to visit, so we have picked six that you should definitely check out.

Albion Falls, Hamilton Ontario

1. Webster’s Falls

The most charming waterfall in Hamilton is Webster’s Falls. At 20 meters high, it is the largest and most-visited waterfall in the area. If you decide to see it, you should definitely also explore Spencer Gorge and Webster’s Falls Conservation area in Greensville. This waterfall was named after Joseph Webster who purchased the fall and its surrounding area in 1820. websters falls

The legend says that there was an indigenous woman named Evening Star, who fell in love with a European settler, which was a taboo. An indigenous man who was enamoured with her beauty killed the European man. Feeling severely heartbroken and desolate, she went over Webster’s Falls with the corpse of her lover.

Tip: Visit Webster’s Falls in winter to see beautiful ice formations.

2. Tew’s Falls

Tew’s Falls is a ribbon type of waterfall and, at 41 meters, it is the tallest waterfall in Hamilton. It was named after a waterfall that had a height notably greater than its crest width. It is located in Webster’s Falls Conversation area.

Tew's Falls

3. Tiffany Falls

Tiffany Falls are 21 meters high and located in the Tiffany Falls Conservation Area in Ancaster. You had better visit this waterfall during the autumn, as the colourful leaves make it very picturesque. It is named after Dr. Oliver Tiffany, the district’s first doctor. Climbing the Falls
Tip: Ice climbing is allowed at Tiffany Falls, making it a fun winter attraction for all rock climbers.

4. Sherman Falls

Sherman’s Falls, also known as Fairy Falls or Angel Falls, is a terraced ribbon type of waterfall. It is 17 meters high and the surrounding area is ideal for hiking. It is named after the Sherman family who had a farm on this beautiful property.
Sherman Falls, Hamilton

5. Buttermilk Falls

This 23-meter high waterfall streams into a deep gorge. After a day of heavy rainfall, this waterfall offers the best views. Mattatuck Trail - Near Buttermilk Falls

6. Devil’s Punch Bowl

This 35-meter waterfall offers a stunning view of both Stoney Creek and Hamilton Harbour. You may be curious why this waterfall has such a strange name. Mythology has it that the waterfall was created by God, who didn’t want to use His name, so he decided to name it after his fallen angel, the Devil.

We hope that you enjoyed this guide to just a few of our favourites among the many waterfalls in and around Hamilton. Many of the ones mentioned above are close to one another, so first check out a map then plan your trip accordingly. If you pay close attention, you will notice that, on the map, the waterfalls are arranged in the shape of a flower.

Gabriela Jandova

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