Swiss and Canadian Flags Waving

Challenge accepted, Switzerland!

You may have heard that Canada was named the second best country in the world in 2018 by US News & World Report. Global News

The first place went to Switzerland, which scored a perfect 10. Congratulations, Switzerland!

Canada almost made it with a 9.7 overall score. This is the second year in a row that we have come in second place… so we thought it would be great to challenge the judges and our Swiss friends on why we think we should have scored a perfect 10!

Check out these 6 categories where we definitely stand out:


Canadians Smiling with Thumbs Up

1. Niceness:

Canada is the friendliest place on earth, after Disneyland, of course. We are known for apologizing even when it is not our fault and saying “how are you?” to everyone we meet.


Jim Carrey in movie Yes Man
source: Yes Man – Warner Bros. Pictures 2009

2. Humour:

Canadians like to make jokes. We have many famous comedians like Jim Carrey and Mike Myers. But our favourite jokes are usually about ourselves and how nice we are.


Canadian Singers

3. Singing:

Drake. Celine Dion. Justin Bieber. The Weeknd. Neil Young. Nelly Furtado. Alessia Cara. Avril Lavigne. Shania Twain. Joni Mitchell. As you can see, singing is a national resource that we are willing to share with the world. (See #1)


Canadians Playing in the Snow in Bathing Suits

4. Snow:

Switzerland, you haven’t seen snow until you’ve visited Canada! We have so much snow that sometimes we even throw our own wintery beach parties! Don’t worry we still wear boots, hats and gloves.


Pancakes with Maple Syrup Dripping

5. Maple Syrup:

We know you have amazing chocolate in Switzerland, but have you ever tried maple syrup? How about chocolate dipped in maple syrup? I think we could have a great partnership with just a little imagination…


Canadians Running in the Water

6. Gorgeous Good Looks:

Canada is young and fresh, with a glowing complexion and beautiful features. We just turned 150, which is still young for a country. That’s why we welcome friendships with older and wiser nations that share our values. No space? No problem, we have enough for everyone.

Switzerland, we challenge you to beat us in these fine categories next year! Better yet we’d like to invite you to come to Canada to experience them yourself. We promise you’ll love us as much as the world loves you.

ILAC Welcomes Swiss Students with Open Arms!

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Date: Saturday, October 10, 2020
Time: All day
Distances: 5 km, 10 km or 21.1 km
Details: The run can be completed by running, walking or wheelchair
Cost: Free

To register, go to ilac./global-virtual-run
Share your progress along the way with videos, photos, and testimonials using the hashtags #ilacrun, #ilacsafe, #bettertogether and #WorldMentalHealthDay

Rock your run and see you on the other side!
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