University of Windsor Partners with ILAC to Provide Pathway into Higher Education

Press Release


The University of Windsor is excited to announce its new pathway partnership with ILAC – International Language Academy of Canada – for students interested in undergraduate degrees and master’s programs in Canada. ILAC is the first and only private language school to offer international students a pathway to the University of Windsor.

“I am very pleased to announce that the University of Windsor and ILAC have now entered into a pathway agreement that enables prospective students to meet their English language proficiency by completing the ILAC University Pathway Program,” says Chris Busch, Assistant Vice President of Enrolment Management at the University of Windsor. “This is one of many tactics that we are taking to help attract international students to our undergraduate programs and diversifying our entire student population.”

One of Canada’s most diverse cities, Windsor is located at the busiest border crossing between the USA and Canada, giving students the best of both worlds: a safe, small-town school with big-city amenities. A short walk across the bridge leads to downtown Detroit and Toronto is only a few hours away by train.

“We are thrilled to have a strong option for all the high school age students asking for aerospace, automotive and other specializations of mechanical engineering,” says Carolyn Bercu, Director of Pathway Partnerships at ILAC. “During my visit to the campus last year, I was so impressed by the state-of-the-art Centre for Engineering Innovation and the outstanding prototypes the upper-year students were designing. “

For ILAC students who have already finished their bachelor’s degrees in their home countries and have some work experience, UWindsor offers master’s degrees with specializations in various areas.

The University of Windsor has been educating students for over 150 years and offers co-op and other experiential learning opportunities. The low cost of living and work options in large multinational corporations make UWindsor a popular choice for international students.

To be eligible for admission at the University of Windsor, ILAC students must complete Pathway Level 3.3 along with all other program requirements.


Deena Wang, Manager of International Recruitment and Partnerships, University of Windsor [email protected]

Carolyn Bercu, Director of Pathway Partnerships, ILAC [email protected]

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