Top 5 Places for Arcades and Games in Toronto

What is one thing most of us have in common? Our love for video games as a kid!

Toronto is a great city for food, entertainment and shows, but it has hidden places where you can feed your inner child. Here are some of the best places in the city to play games, have a quick bite, and have memorable experiences with your ILAC friends!

Check our top 5 go-to places in the 6ix for Arcades and Games:

Power UP (all ages): In this very cool looking place, think TRON movie, you can play, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo Switch!



Spin Toronto (all ages during the day, 19+ nights): Are you a fan of table tennis (ping pong)? Spin Toronto has amazing events where you can play in glow-in-the-dark rooms, 70’s themed nights, and more.


TILT (all ages during the day, 19+ nights): Curious about old arcades like our parents used to play? Tilt offers a lot of old arcade machines, a great DJ on the weekends, and amazing snacks!


Get well (all ages during the day, 19+ nights): Just like Tilt but a little smaller, personal, and with a pizza place in the middle of it!


Snakes and Lattes (all ages): If you are looking for plans on a relaxed weekend night, this place is one of the favourites. With every board game available, you can play Monopoly, LIFE, or Jenga with your friends and make great memories!


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