Spanish MP Talks About Her Experience at ILAC

Eva Durán Ramos, a recognized political figure in Spain who holds multiple political ranks, such as People’s Party MP, President of the Women’s Equality Commission of Madrid’s Municipalities, First Vice President of the Women’s Council of The Spanish Congress of Deputies etc., chose to come to ILAC to study English with other students from all over the world.

Spanish MP at ILAC“It is been an interesting experience,” Ramos said. “To be honest, there was always something that was stopping me from studying abroad: work, family, and other obstacles. I’ve reached a moment in my life when I decided to take a step forward towards my goals and come to ILAC. I’m really happy that I made up my mind to study at ILAC, as I had a really good time here. My English teacher Patrick will be one of my best memories. He was really patient, professional and always did his best, whether he was checking our homework or engaging everyone to participate in the class activities.”

When she was planning to discover another country and improve her English, Ramos did a lot of Internet research that helped her make up her mind to study at ILAC.

“I found out that ILAC was the best English school in North America after it had won the STM Star Awards for five consecutive years,” Ramos said. “I also enjoyed videos and other visual materials about ILAC. These were just two reasons I decided to come to ILAC. It is really important to choose the right school to improve your English level.”

Spanish MP at ILACCherishing great memories of her time in Canada, with her classmates, teachers and supportive ILAC staff, Ramos promised us she’d come back next year: “I would love to come to ILAC again. I will keep in touch with the Student Ambassadors, Cristina Fondevilla and Santiago Uzal. Cristina helped me a lot, making my life a lot easier and having everything ready for my arrival: homestay, classes, etc. I really enjoyed my homestay family and would like to thank my host mother for being such a great host and taking care of me. I felt so good at ILAC and in my homestay. That´s the reason I’m planning to come back next year.”

Alena Khabibullina

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