ILAC Awards $50,000 in Scholarships to International Essay Contest Winners

ILAC is pleased to introduce the winners of the international essay contest on the subject of “How International Education Can Contribute to World Peace.”  The winners will be awarded $50,000 in scholarships to study at a Canadian university or college of their choice.

ILAC Essay Contest 1st Place Winner Yulia
Russian student Yulia Khoroshavina is the 1st prize winner of the ILAC International Essay Contest.

The 1st prize goes to Yulia Khoroshavina from Russia, with the option of $50,000 towards an undergraduate degree or $25,000 towards a post-graduate degree. The 2nd prize winner is Iryna Hryvenko from Ukraine who will also receive $25,000 CAD to study at a University or College in Canada.

The two students were thrilled to learn that they were the final winners of the ILAC international essay contest.

“After I sent my essay to ILAC I couldn’t imagine I would be a winner,” says Yulia, who hopes to complete a Canadian post-graduate program in hospitality and tourism.  “When I learned that I could continue my education in Canada to be honest I didn’t believe it. I’m very happy to have an opportunity to study in Canada and deeply grateful to ILAC for this chance!”

ILAC Essay Contest 2nd Place Winner Iryna
Iryna Hryvenko from Ukraine is the 2nd prize winner of the ILAC International Essay Contest.  She is an ambitious student who has received several other scholarships in the past to study abroad.

Iryna says that she has always been interested in international education and her dream is to become an expert in dentistry.

“When I got the e-mail from ILAC I couldn’t believe my eyes,” says Iryna.  “A bit later, emotions just overwhelmed me and I am still in seventh heaven. I never imagined I might actually win.”

The winning essays were chosen for their insight, creativity and fluency.  Both winners have participated in various exchange programs in the past which gave them first-hand experience on the topic of international education.

Yulia studied English in the UK and in 2010 she took the TOEFL preparation course at ILAC Vancouver.  In 2012 she returned to ILAC to complete the Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Certificate Program.  She also studied Japanese in Japan and has a degree in international relations.

“I firmly believe that international education invokes preventing wars and violence at the international level,” says Yulia.  “People who at least once get the experience of studying abroad realize that in spite of cultural differences there are some universal human values which are the same for people all over the world.”

Iryna took pre-med courses in the USA and is now on a scholarship completing her studies in Slovakia.  But she had her first experience studying abroad while learning English in Canada at the University of Alberta in 2010.

“It gives you a brilliant chance to improve your English language skills, which are necessary to participate in international conferences and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies,” says Iryna, who was amazed by the quality of education and health care in Canada.

“My previous experience of studying abroad gave me a great chance to make new and lasting friendships with students from different cultures and backgrounds, learn life values and understand myself so that I could improve as a human being.”Julia

During her last year of university, Yulia worked part-time as an English language teacher at a local ESL school, passing on her experience of studying abroad to her young students.

“I realized that the most efficient way to prevent wars is to nurture tolerance through information.  People are usually hostile to something unknown and unfamiliar. If people learn more about other places and nations they become more friendly and understanding. This is how I see I can contribute to world peace. “

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