Introducing the new ILAC KISS German

Starting June 10, students from around the world can study German online with ILAC KISS German!

The program will help international students obtain the language proficiency required to access higher education and in-demand jobs in Germany.

“Over the years we have received many requests to expand the KISS platform to other languages and decided to start with German,” says John DeFranco, CEO of ILAC Education Group. “Germany is quickly becoming a top destination for international students to work and study.”

ILAC has partnered with My German Dream by MGD International Talent GmbH, a staffing and relocation company in Germany.

“I am so excited to partner with ILAC to launch this firs-of-its kind initiative, not just in Germany, but in the world,” says Maria Castro Blazquez, Co-Founder and CEO of MGD International Talent GmbH.  “The journey to Germany now officially starts with ILAC KISS!”

ILAC KISS will also assist candidates to meet the language requirements to start an “Ausbildung” in Germany, a paid vocational training program designed for students who want to study and work as apprentices in a trade. “Ausbildung” is an excellent career path opportunity, as not only combines theory and practice on the job, but being paid it gives students financial independency as they train.

International students who want to enroll in a higher education in Germany must also meet certain language requirements. Public German universities offer free tuition and international students can work up to 20 hours a week.

To learn more, please contact [email protected]

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