ILAC Opens Gap Year Program with Two Canadian Colleges

ILAC students can now enrol in a Gap Year Program with two prominent Canadian colleges – George Brown College and Seneca College.  This is the only program in Canada that allows ESL students to study both English and General Arts courses during their year abroad.

The program is open to international students who want to learn English as well as expand on their general education.  Students spend one semester taking English at ILAC before continuing into their second semester at either GBC or Seneca. The required level to enter the ILAC Gap Year program is Level 10 on the ILAC Online Test or IELTS 4.5

The first semester at ILAC consists of 16 weeks of Power English, including a Principal Class, Elective Class and Power Class. These classes prepare international students for the second part of the program where they study alongside Canadians for a real taste of the college experience in Canada.

The second semester at either Seneca or GBC is made up of General Education courses in the Liberal Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences or Business. ILAC students can choose from a number of different electives, including classes in Psychology, Art, Canadian Culture, Sociology, Philosophy, Media, Accounting or Mathematics.

All students who register for the ILAC Gap Year Program 2013 receive a complimentary 3 day trip to New York City. 

For more information about courses available at both colleges, visit ILAC Gap Year at GBC and Seneca

For specific program details, contact the ILAC Academic Pathway Director:

Diana Heydary, ILAC Academic Pathway Director  – dian[email protected]  – +1 416.840.4169

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