How to Use the Verbs “Come” and “Go,” “Bring” and “Take”

Of all the verbs in English, usage of the verbs “come” and “go,” “bring” and “take” may be very confusing for non-native speakers.

Since it’s not easy to tell when to use one word or the other, we have prepared this English lesson, where we will explain how to use these verbs.

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How to Use the Verb “Go”

Use “go” to express movement away from the current location of the speaker.
Verb Forms: Go (Simple Present) – Went (Simple Past) – Gone (Past Participle), Going (Present Participle)

Sea Walk

How to Use the Verb “Come”

Use “come” to talk about the movement to the place where the speaker or listener is.

Verb Forms: Come (Simple Present) – Came (Simple Past) – Come (Past Participle), Coming (Present Participle)

Luana, will you come here?
Yes, I am coming/I am not coming.
They came to live here in 2012.
Let’s go to a movie theatre tonight!
He went to Punta Cana on vacation.

Just walking

Variations of the Verb “Come”

  • Use “come with” to talk about joining a movement of the speaker.
    We are going to the zoo today. Will you come with us?
    Do you want me to come with you?
  • Come to” means to arrive at.
    Laura, come to our place! We will have dinner tonight.
    Mike came to John’s place.
  • Use “come from” to express where you are from.
    He came from Brazil.

How to Use the Verb “Bring”

A verb “bring” means to carry something or somebody with oneself to another place.

Bring me your umbrella to me, please.
Can you bring some food to the office, please?

Let Me Carry That Umbrella

How to Use the Verb “Take”

A verb “take” means to carry out something or someone from one place to another.

Take your dog away from me!
He is going to take some sugar from his friend’s place.


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