Fun Apps to Improve Your English!

It’s quite common today to have an Android or a iPhone. Not only are these two smartphones very popular but tablets are also becoming more accessible. One of the reasons why these technologies are dominant in the market is because there are so many fun apps to play with.  So why not download some apps that are fun and help you improve your English at the same time!

There are many options to choose from but here are the top five suggestions for Apple and Android phone and tablets.

Practice English Grammar App LogoPractice English Grammar 2 – this app helps you learn the fundamentals of English grammar using the philosophy “practice makes perfect.” The more you use the app, the better you will become at grammar. With over 500 questions in 16 topics, Practice English Grammar 2 will strengthen your grammar skills in no time. This app also works offline, so you don’t need the internet to use it. Some of the topics that are covered include gerunds, infinitives, comparatives, superlatives, modal verbs and tenses.

24SxRcyVGL6QIzNwEQijmCPpqOx1y0Morv6iSsBV8ifsm9kK1emhQhhtAtY67xe1AOY=w300Family Feud – originally a popular television game show, Family Feud is now available as an app. The goal is to try to name the most popular answers to questions surveyed by 100 people. This application also allows you to connect with friends over Facebook, so you can play by yourself or with others. You can improve your reading comprehension, vocabulary and your spelling in an interactive and fun way.

kx2C_BGAfCtz968ke9ZeHddhrK4oqz6jY-nWuvDu2Rr0mNRRrximfhybjQgwZMroMXk=w300Scrabble – is a word game, which can be played individually or with your friends. The purpose of the game is to create words in a crossword format. Each letter has a certain number of points and when you are finished putting down a word, you calculate the total number of points for that word. At the end of the game, whoever has the most points, is the winner. The app version makes it very easy for you to follow the instructions.

uwCebaz5M0WUVaR4-9bF2EJcRrAYDJsuL0kNLtHjr6zXIoekx_I2m_DUuF-Xwu5M8vMp=w300 Boggle – Test your word search skills by playing Boggle. The purpose of the game is to make words using adjacent letters. The more words you make, the more points you get. All of the words have to be at least 3 letters in length. There is a timer, which will help you to become faster at your vocabulary and spelling skills.

meI0hHhsFPSNaZ3Cf57n4Zdh-Cm_4B24fwGmfBSHQVS3q6NcCLvkec3ylXkzVEAfpg=w300Scattergories – one of my favorite games is Scattergories. It’s a creative thinking game where you have to score points by naming objects that begin with a specific letter, within a set of categories, within a time limit. It might sound a little complicated but when you download the app, it will instruct you on what to do. It’s a lot of fun, once you get the hang of it.

So have fun with technology and improve your English skills in an enjoyable and interactive way.

By Erin Casper

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