10 Great Summer Festivals in Toronto

Staying at home watching Netflix? No way! Summer is finally here, and it is time to enjoy all the pop-up events happening in the city. With the sun on your face and music in your ears, let’s discover how festive Toronto is!

See our list of vocabulary at the end of the article.

1.- Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

52nd Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

Canada’s largest outdoor art exhibition is back for another year. Nathan Phillips Square will serve as the venue for over 300 contemporary artists to display their work, ranging from painting, photography, and mixed media to Jewellery and Ceramics.

Be one of the 100,000 visitors that attend this free festival every year, and be immersed in a world of talent!

WHEN: July 14 to 16, 2017 (Check here for hours and details).

WHERE: Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto.


2.- Taste of the Danforth

Welcoming approximately 1.65 million attendees annually, it is Canada’s largest street Festival. And this year, you can be part of it! Indulge in Greek cuisine and culture, while celebrating the multicultural nature of Toronto. Feel the atmosphere of a cosmopolitan city!

WHEN: August 11 to 13 (Check here for hours and details).

WHERE: Danforth Avenue, from Broadview to Donlands subway station.


3.- Toronto Jazz Festival

Music lovers, this event is for YOU! This North American premier jazz festival will make your heart beat with rhythm.

Toronto Downtown Jazz, a Canadian charity, organizes the event, bringing more than 1,500 musicians for 10 days to entertain you all across the city. Meet artists such as Jason Logue, Alison Young, Amanda Martinez, and much more.

WHEN: June 23 to July 2, 2017.

WHERE: All around the city! Check here to know which artists to see. 


4.- Sweetery

Croissants, popcorn, cupcakes, ice cream, macaroons… You were dreaming about it, and they did it! Canada’s largest sweets festival makes its third appearance in Toronto. Celebrate local chefs, students, and artists while testing the latest dessert trends on the market.

Please your sweet tooth and bring out your inner competitiveness at the taste buds challenge!

WHEN: August 12 to 13, 2017.

WHERE: David Pecaut Square, Toronto.


5.- TD Salsa in Toronto Festival



Caliente! Sway your hips to the beats of Salsa. This lively and vigorous Latin American music is celebrated during a three-week long festival in Toronto. The event attracts hundreds of thousands of salsa lovers from near and far.

Don’t miss this amazing street party! Lacking dancing skills isn’t an excuse, as free lessons will be given.

WHEN: July 3 to 27, 2017.

WHERE:  Hillcrest Village, between Winona Drive and Christie Street, Toronto.

6.- Veld Music Festival

Let’s rave! This Festival showcases some of the most renowned names in electronic music such as Major Lazer and Zedd. They will bring some heat to your summer playlist!

Is EDM (Electronic Dance Music) not your cup of tea? Find your way in this two-day festival with over 30 internationally acclaimed Dance Music and Hip-Hop acts. Don’t wait, buy your ticket here

WHEN: August 5 to 6, 2017.

WHERE: Downsview Park, Toronto.

7.- Caribbean Carnival

Caribana 2009 Toronto 028

Blue sky, white sand, fresh sea mist… No need to catch a flight to this dreamy destination, it is coming to Toronto! Caribana hits the streets and stages for its 46th year, featuring events that celebrate the music, cuisine, and arts of the Caribbean region. Grand Parade, Gala, and tent villages are on the program.

You can purchase your ticket here until June 23rd.  

WHEN: August 2 to 6, 2017.

WHERE: Various Locations in Toronto, check here


8.- Coconut Festival

Let’s cherish one of the greatest fruits in the world. A festival we are sure you were not expecting. And yet, it’s happening! A healthy Coconut marketplace will be set up. Ranging from food to cosmetics use, it’s time to extend your coconut horizon. Immerse your senses in Coconut power!

WHEN: August 26, 2017, from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

WHERE: David Pecaut Square, 215 King St, Toronto.


9.- Christie Pits Film Festival

watching the movie

Outdoor movies are a fundamental summer pastime. That’s the perfect way to spend time with your friends, practice your English, and jump deeper into Canadian culture. Diverse and engaging films by homegrown talent will be in the program. Each screening is an event in itself!

Enjoy this free festival and checking right here to pick a movie to watch.  

WHEN: June 25 to August 20, 2017.

WHERE: Christie Pits Park, Toronto.

10.- Summerlicious

Do you have an epicurean soul but live on a student budget? Summerlicious is like Black Friday for food. For two weeks you can try delicious restaurants for a cheaper price. Get ready to be over-stuffed!

WHEN: July 7 to 23, 2017.

WHERE: Various Locations in Toronto, check here


  • Indulge: allow yourself to follow one’s will.
  • Sweet tooth: a strong desire for candy.
  • Sway: move or swing from side to side.
  • Cup of tea: something well-suited to a person’s taste.
  • Extend your horizon: increase your knowledge about something.
  • Screening: the showing of a motion picture such as a film.
  • Epicurean: a person loving fine food and drink.
  • Black Friday: is the day following Thanksgiving Day. It has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, offering promotional sales.

Written by Marine Gas


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