10 English Acronyms Commonly Used While Texting

Have you ever been texting an English speaker and saw some weird letters you didn’t understand? Worry no more! Here we listed 10 of the most commonly used English Acronyms while texting!

1. FIY = For Your Information:

“FYI, the party is at Anna’s house”

2. OMG = Oh My God


3. LOL = Laughing Out Loud

“I’m on a seafood diet, whenever I SEE food I eat it!”


4. GR8 = Great

“Do you like my haircut?”

“I think it looks gr8”

5. BRB = Be Right Back

“I’m going to shower, BRB”

6. IDK = I Don’t Know

“What mark do you think you got on the test?”

“IDK man”

7. BTW = By The Way

“It was nice to see you today! BTW, I think I left my coffee mug there!”

8. TTYL = Talk/Text To You Later

“I’m going to bed, TTYL!”

9. JK = Just Kidding

“JK, I’m not even sleepy yet!”

10. XOXO = Kisses and Hugs

“The party was amazing, thank you for inviting me! XOXO”

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