Become an ILAC Homestay Family: 5 reasons to host an international student

Hosting an international student in your home can be an incredible experience, both for you and the student you welcome into your home. It is a chance to discover a new culture while at the same time sharing the best of what Canada is all about– its people!

Here are a few reasons why so many Canadians become ILAC homestay families in Toronto and Vancouver:

  1. Travel the world…without ever leaving home

Hosting an international student is a great way to learn about the world without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Discover a new custom, try a different food and pick-up a few words in another language as you immerse yourself in the experience of living with a student from another country.

  1. Cultivate life-long friendships from around the world

Often many host families and students remain life-long friends, staying in touch on social media and even visiting each other years later. Having friends around the world means never having to stay in a hotel when you go on holidays!

  1. Gain extra income

Gain extra income by renting out an unused room in your house. Our accommodation department will provide you with full support regarding bookings, payments and everything you need to provide a wonderful homestay experience.

  1. Share your own culture

Homestay families play an essential role in providing a full cultural immersion experience for our students. Share you own culture, customs and traditions with ILAC students so they can fully appreciate what being Canadian is all about. It can be something as simple as cooking your family’s favourite meal together or involving the student in your activities or community.

  1. Change someone’s life

There is nothing more rewarding than helping a young person achieve his or her dreams. Leaving home can be difficult for international students living away from their parents for the first time in their lives. Providing a safe place to stay with a feeling of “home” can make a big difference in the life of an ILAC student.

There is a famous quote by Anthony T.Hincks who wrote, “When you open your heart to a stranger you have welcomed another heart into your home.”

That is why so many of our homestay families continue to host international students year after year, helping international students from around the world experience the best that Canada has to offer.

Want to host an international student? Learn more about the benefits of becoming a homestay family at ILAC.