The Top Five Ways To Be Amazing In English

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Last month I had one of the most amazing classes I have ever taught. My face still hurts from smiling too much. All the students were friendly and loved to talk to each other. By the end of the month the class had become a giant group of friends, not just people going to school together.

The most amazing thing about my students was not just their kindness. These students have some of the best English skills I have ever seen. Their speaking, listening and reading were on a level that always surprised me and their writing was better than most of my English friends.

I asked them how they became such great students. Of course their first answer was ILAC. So, I asked them what they would tell new students to help them succeed while at ILAC. There answer turned into this list: The Top Five Ways To Be Amazing In English!

5. Make Friends With Students From Other Countries

One of the best things about ILAC is that students from all over the world go there. When you become friends with people from other countries many good things happen. You get to have fun with new friends and you can learn about cultures from all over the world. The best part is that while you are having fun with new friends, you are speaking English the whole time! You’re practicing your skills from class and having a great time!

4. Take Your Time

English can be a hard language. A month at ILAC is a good way to improve your skills or learn the basics. However, if you really want to become a master of English you need to relax and go slow. Take your time and make sure you understand everything before you move on. Going slow at first can help you go faster later.

3. Enjoy The Class

ILAC teachers know how to make English fun! You can learn while you laugh. Sometimes you will have so much fun you might forget you’re in class. Enjoy your class and have fun while you work! My last class spent the whole day laughing and smiling. They also improved their skills amazingly fast because they were having fun.

2. Go To Class Everyday

Each class builds on the information from the class before. Coming to class everyday helps you to learn faster. Plus you get to hang out with all your new friends!

1. Don’t Be Shy!

Don’t be nervous your first day. Everyone is here to help you. Of course the teachers are nice and willing to help but your classmates are there to help you as well. Your classmates remember what their first day was like and are always looking for new friends. You are all learning together. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and ask your new friends for help. One reason my class is so amazing is because they always welcome new students. As soon as a student joins the class they become a part of the group. So speak up in your new class and enjoy meeting your new friends!

Finally, I’d like to thank my amazing, awesome, FANTASTIC class for helping me make this list! You are all amazing students and I wish you were not so smart and I could keep you in my class forever.

To all students who are new or thinking about coming to ILAC come visit me someday! It would be great to meet you!

See you soon!

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