The Amazing Race – ILAC Fam Trip 2013 Starts Off with a Bang

Earlier this week, 96 international agents from 22 countries joined the annual ILAC FAM trip in Toronto, the most popular event of the year when education consultants are invited to Canada to learn firsthand about studying English at ILAC.

ILAC Agents having fun during Fam Trip 2013

The activities started off on Tuesday, May 7th with a tour of Seneca, one of ILAC’s prominent pathway colleges in Toronto.  That evening agents enjoyed a welcome reception at Il Posto in Yorkville sponsored by Blyth Academy, ILAC’s new high school partner.

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Spring and Summer Activities For English Language Students in Toronto!

Spring hasn’t exactly been a reprieve from our long and cold winter. Nonetheless, in the coming weeks, the weather will become more consistent, the trees will start to bud and the grass will get a little greener. Spring and summer are such beautiful seasons in the city and a great chance to get out of your home stay or apartment and explore some of the beautiful sights Toronto has to offer. Here are some of my suggestions:


The Toronto Zoo – we have been anticipating for the arrival of two pandas named Er Shun and Da Mao to the Toronto Zoo. The wait is over. They arrived earlier this month and they are currently in quarantine, getting settled. They will be unveiled to the public on May 18. If you’re not interested in seeing Pandas, the zoo is filled with hundreds of different animals from all over the world. There’s something for everyone. The Toronto Zoo is quite big, so make sure you take a full day and get there early in the morning. That’s when the animals are the most active.

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ILAC Thundercats Climb CN Tower

ILAC CN Tower climb team

ILAC Thundercats – CN Tower climb team


So our fearless Captain Hande Coskun started something amazing when she decided to climb the CN Tower for the World Wildlife Federation (WWF). Before we knew it, we had two great teams from our company signed up and ready to go.

We begged, borrowed and pleaded and managed to raise $2300 for the Pandas, Tigers, Orangutans and other endangered species around the world.

The energy was amazing. Not only was the race fun, exciting and vomit-inducing, it was also a really great time to bond together as co-workers and friends.

Thanks to everyone who supported us, it was an incredible experience and we’ll be back next year for more!

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ILAC Launches New Website

ILAC's new responsive website

ILAC’s new responsive website.

ILAC is pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new website.

After many months of hard work, we are thrilled with the results and would like to share this excitement with all of our valued partners, staff and students.

Read on to find out what makes it so

Advice for Students Studying English in Canada

You’ve arrived. After weeks and months of planning, you are finally here in Canada.

You may be a little jet-lagged*, you may be a little nervous, you may even be a little homesick*.

These are all normal feelings. What we hope is underneath all these mixed emotions is a feeling of excitement and possibility.

This is the start of your English Language Adventure. So make the most of it. Introduce yourself to the people around you. Try to connect with other cultures instead of only speaking with people from your own country.

Go to class. Show up on time and try your best. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This is how you learn.

Participate in social activities. Check out our social media for what’s happening in the city.

Speak to your counselor or teacher if you have any questions or would like any special advice. Don’t be afraid.

Your journey begins here. Be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come. Then take a step further.

Good luck!


*jet-lagged: tired from flying from different time zones.

*homesick: feeling sad because you miss your home

 ILAC English students

Canadian Education – One of the Best in the World

canada day party studentsCanada’s education is one of the best in the world, according to a report by the Conference Board of Canada (CBC).  

In the study, Canada was compared with 16 other developed countries.  In the end, the CBC gave Canada an “A” for its Education and Skills, second only to Finland.

Canada regularly scores well in the area of high school and college programs, which are increasingly popular among ILAC students who first come to Canada to learn English.

ILAC has pathway agreements with over 50 universities and colleges in Canada, making it easy for international students to enter a post secondary education institution after studying English at ILAC.

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Winner of One Year Scholarship to Study English at ILAC!

ILAC is very pleased to announce the winner of our Brochure Cover Contest.

Congratulations Damaris Vega Rodriguez from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico!

Ms. Rodriguez is the happy winner of a One Year Scholarship to ILAC, which can be used towards her tuition.

The young entrepreneur may choose to attend either our Toronto or Vancouver location. She is very excited about winning the contest and looks forward to studying English in Canada.

“I can’t wait for the opportunity to meet new people and to learn about another country,” said Ms. Rodriguez when contacted.

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ILAC wins JAPAN BEST SCHOOL AWARD for 2013 from Ryugaku Journal

ILAC is pleased to announce it has won the prestigious JAPAN BEST SCHOOL AWARD  for 2013 from the Ryugaku Journal.

The Ryugaku Journal is one of the most prominent and respected counseling agencies in Asia and in the world. Their award is based on the reports of 500 RJ students studying overseas.

The criteria are as follows:

1. Teaching and Administrative Support

2. Lessons

3. Accommodation

4. Facilities

5. Environment

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ILAC WINS EDUCATION STARS AWARD FOR 2012 – Voted Best Language School in Canada

ILAC is thrilled to announce that we’ve won the EducationStars Award  for 2012, as voted by students from around the world!

ILAC Toronto has been voted Best Language School in Canada.

ILAC Vancouver has been voted Best Language School in Vancouver.

We are #1 on the EducationStars website, under the Top 5 International Language Schools. 

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