ILAC $25,000 Scholarship Winner Accepted to Humber College in Toronto

Yulia Khoroshavina scholarship winner

Yulia is the winner of the ILAC International Essay Contest and will receive $25,000 to study a post-graduate program at Humber College in Toronto .

Earlier this year, ILAC announced the two scholarship winners of the ILAC International Essay Contest on “How International Education Can Contribute to World Peace.”

Since then, the first prize winner Yulia Khoroshavina has been accepted to Humber College in Toronto for a post-graduate program in Global Business Management.  Yulia will receive an ILAC bursary of up to $25,000, payable in two installments of $12,500 toward her first and second year tuition at Humber.

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Feeling Stressed? Here are 10 Free Ways to Relax!

stressedbellaIn today’s busy, fast-paced lives, people often report feeling stressed out. Here are 10 free things you can do to relax in order to slow down and smell the flowers! (Unless you happen to have allergies, then that’s probably not a good idea).

1. Go for a walk, preferably around somewhere with trees or nature. Exercise can do as much from a biological perspective as some medications.

2. Call a good friend you haven’t spoken with lately. Or a family member you like. Reconnecting with people provides an emotional uplift. If nothing else, you’ll get the scoop on who your cousin’s dating.

3. Breathe deeply. Sounds simple, but taking in oxygen sends signals to the brain that help calm your blood pressure and nervous system. Throw in some meditation if you’re feeling really ambitious.

4. Try out a free class. Many Salsa or dance studios offer first time yogainpark2 classes. Lululemon, yoga superhero store, offers free yoga and other exercise classes year-round. Find one in your neignbourhood:

5. Listen to relaxing music or break out your favourite jam and sing along. If you’re really into it, bust a few dance moves (you might want to make sure you’re alone first).

6. Stretch. Take a few minutes and give those achy muscles a break. Roll that neck around those shoulders (can you “roll” a neck?).

beach.jpg7. Look through old pictures. Remembering that beautiful beach in the Bahamas might inspire a few dreamy smiles.

8. Browse online uplifting websites like Who doesn’t like cute kittens, puppies or other adorable animals up to crazy antics?

9. Look in the mirror and say five things you like about yourself or that you are thankful for. Focus on the positive.

10. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Think “In the grand scheme of my life, is this important?” If it’s something you’re not going to regret on your deathbed then it probably isn’t as big a deal you think it is.

- Alisha Sevigny

10 Tips for Improving your English Speaking Skills

Are you new to Canada? Feeling nervous about speaking with native speakers?  Don’t worry, the best thing to do is just try. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – that is how you learn!

Student buying coffee for first time in English!

Don’t be afraid to speak with native speakers.

1)   Practice speaking every chance you get! (Example: ordering coffee, shopping, asking for directions, etc).

2)   Read English-speaking newspapers or online articles. (Free newspapers like Metro and 24Hrs are a good place to start – lots of pictures!)

3)   Read children’s books, the grammar and vocabulary are easier. Get a library card or buy them from the Dollar Store.

4)   Listen to English songs, google the lyrics and sing along (you might want to do this in private unless you’re a really good singer ;))

5)   Watch English movies and TV shows – No subtitles!

ILAC students with Canadian flag

ILAC students having fun on activities with people from other cultures.

6)   Make friends with people from other countries so you’re not tempted to speak in your own language.

7)   Participate in ILAC’s social events, join a salsa class, or a free yoga class.

ILAC activities staff helps student choose activity

Activities staff help students plan their time at ILAC

8)   Join a free conversation group or language exchange.  (Maybe your co-worker is dying to learn Spanish to impress the cute guy in the office downstairs – you can help each other!)

9)   Talk to your teacher for advice on any specific things you need to work on, for example, maybe there’s one word you always say wrong.

10)   DON’T BE AFRAID TO MAKE MISTAKES! The more you speak, the faster you learn – and that is why you’re here!

ILAC Launches New Social Events Campaign, You Could Be Here!

ILAC Weekly boothThis month ILAC is launching a new campaign to celebrate its 16th anniversary as the leading English language school in Canada.

The You Could Be Here! campaign features the new ILAC Weekly, a dedicated booth on campus where students can learn about upcoming ILAC social events in a fun and interactive way.

Over the years, ILAC has become famous for its daily and weekend activities and events that make studying at ILAC the ultimate student experience. ILAC social events give international students the chance to practice their English and make new friends from around the world, to immerse themselves in the experience of living in Canada beyond the classroom.

The slogan You Could Be Here! captures the spirit and excitement of studying at ILAC in Toronto or Vancouver, where students from over 70 different countries come to experience Canadian language, culture and way of life.

Learn more about upcoming ILAC Events and how You Could Be Here!

ILAC News: The Value of More Education in Tough Economic Times

book with coins

Photo taken from the cover of the 2013 edition of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) annual Education at a Glance report.

New information from the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) shows that more education is the best way to combat tough economic times. Increased education offsets a lack of work experience for young people and is a reliable pathway for better earnings and employment.

Read the full story in the ICEF Monitor and see the data from the 34 OECD member states, as well as for Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Knowing how to speak, read and write in English is considered a necessity in today’s global economy. Take the free ILAC Online Test and see if this is a good time for you to come to Canada and improve your English.

ILAC…You Could Be Here!

ILAC Celebrates Sweet 16th Birthday

Monday marked Canada and ILAC’s birthday festivities – Canada turned 146 and ILAC turned Sweet 16!

In honour of the celebrations, hundreds of international students gathered at Maison Mercer nightclub where ILAC threw their annual birthday bash. The evening positively vibrated with exuberant energy as people ate, laughed and danced the night away.

Rachel Beau of The Party Agency got things started with her entertaining emceeing that pumped up the crowds and the DJ had the dance floor moving. Some of the night’s highlights included performances by awe-inspiring artist Jessica Gorlicky and phenomenal musician Dr. Draw.

We hope everyone had a great night – thanks for 16 amazing years!

ILAC – You Could Be Here!

Happy Canada Day!


One of my favourite holidays is Canada Day. Not only do I get to celebrate my country but it marks the first long weekend of summer!

Canada Day picture

Canada Day

Celebrated on July 1st, Canada Day marks the anniversary of the Constitution Act of 1867, which joined Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec into a single country.  The Constitution Act gave Canada a large amount of independence from England, although complete independence was not given until 1982.  Prior to the 1900’s there wasn’t a lot of Canadian patriotism, since most citizens considered themselves British. However, once the government recognized the holiday in 1958, it started to become an important part of Canada’s history. More and more Canadians celebrated this special day and finally in 1982 the holiday was made official. July 1st is also an important day because it was the same day our national anthem “Oh Canada” was created in 1980. To listen to our national anthem visit

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New! ILAC University Pathway Programs in the USA

osu_female_student_at_commencement_introILAC is pleased to announce five new university pathway partners in the USA, offering international students direct entry into post-secondary programs in the United States.

ILAC now offers pathway programs into one of the following top-ranked research universities in America:

  1. INTO Colorado State University, located in Fort Collins, COLORADO
  2. INTO Oregon State University, located in Corvallis, OREGON
  3. INTO Marshall University, located in Huntington, WEST VIRGINIA
  4. INTO University of South Florida, located in Tampa, FLORIDA
  5. University of Michigan Flint, located in Flint, MICHIGAN

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ILAC Sponsors 2nd Annual Daughters for Life Gala: Promoting Education for Girls in the Middle East

Daughters 2013 Sandler 0704

ILAC staff at the annual DFL gala in Toronto.

Last month, ILAC was one of the main sponsors at the 2nd Annual Daughters for Life Foundation Gala, a Canadian charity that provides educational and leadership opportunities for girls and women in the Middle East.  In 2012, ILAC pledged $200,000 to DFL as part of its commitment to promoting friendship and understanding between people of all faiths and cultures.

This upcoming academic year DFL will be offering scholarships to students at several Canadian institutions, including ILAC pathway partners Trent University and Humber College.  As part of its agreement with DFL, ILAC has promised 10 one-year ILAC university pathway program scholarships for female students from the Middle East.

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Toronto Celebrates Pride!


One of the reasons I love Toronto is how accepting and tolerant we are of everyone. Regardless of our race, culture, religion, beliefs or sexual orientation, our city treats each citizen as equals. This is something to celebrate. The Pride Toronto Festival does just that. It celebrates our gay community’s diverse sexual and gender identities, history and culture. Labeled one of the largest Pride festivals in the world, it has an estimated attendance of over 1 million people.


This celebration is a three day street festival with over eight stages of live entertainment, a street fair, a Trans Parade, a Dyke March and the infamous Pride Parade. To see the schedule visit

The 33rd annual Pride Parade will take place on Sunday June 30th at 2pm. The parade usually starts at Bloor and Church, heads down Yonge and ends at Church and Gerard. The Parade is very entertaining with music, floats, marching groups, dancing, interesting costumes (or lack thereof) and thousands of people celebrating the diversity Toronto has to offer. After the parade, floats and groups will be awarded on a series of categories such as Best Costume Design, Best float, etc.

Regardless of your beliefs this is a must see event. On Sunday everyone will come together in solidarity and experience the ultimate festival this summer. Make sure to go early, so you can get a good view of the parade. For more information visit–marches/annual-pride-parade. Also check out some footage from last year’s parade


Happy Pride everyone!

- Erin Casper