Halloween – A night of scary fun!

mummyIn North America Halloween is on October 31st and is a widely celebrated event. Children and adults dress in costumes and participate in various activities before and during Halloween. The holiday is believed to originate from pagan roots to remember the dead, however now the tradition of Halloween is to dress up and party!

Some of the typical Halloween activities include trick-or-treating (where children gather candy from their neighbours’ houses), attending costume parties, decorating and carving pumpkins, and visiting haunted attractions and watch horror films.

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Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander Visits ILAC

From Left: ILAC Directors Ilan Cohen & Bernardo Riveros, MP Mark Adler, Minister Chris Alexander, ILAC Director Jonathan Kolber, Languages Canada Paul Schroeder

From Left: ILAC Directors Ilan Cohen and Bernardo Riveros, MP Mark Adler, Minister Chris Alexander, ILAC Director Jonathan Kolber, ILSC President Paul Schroeder

ILAC enjoyed a visit from Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander last week.

The Minister was invited, along with York Centre MP Mark Adler, who helped arrange the visit, to ILAC’s Toronto campus to discuss how international students and the English as a Second Language industry contributes positively to the Canadian economy and society in general. Both politicians were welcomed by ILAC’s Directors and ILSC Education Group’s Paul Schroeder.

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What’s Thanksgiving All About? – A Guide for International Students

turkey.jpgThis Monday, October 14th, is Thanksgiving. For those of you interested in learning about the holiday and joining in the celebrations, here’s what you need to know!

Celebrated mostly in Canada and the US, Thanksgiving was originally about being thankful for the end of harvest season (harvest refers to the farmers bringing in their crops from the field). But for many Canadian families the tradition has changed and the focus is now to enjoy a large meal with family.

Since food is such a big part of this holiday, its common that Canadians might take hours to prepare the meal and it is sometimes served midday or late afternoon, to allow time to eat and enjoy all the delicious dishes.

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October Social Events in Vancouver


Playland Fright Nights

October is a very exciting Autumn month in Vancouver and in Canada as Halloween and Thanksgiving are celebrated.

The city also offers new, must-see attractions such as FlyOver Canada which is an exciting ride that takes passengers to see Canada from coast to coast in 4D with a 360 degree IMAX screen theater (Oct 10th).


Our lovely Vancouver Activities Staff – Andrea Bianchi and Gabriel Berri

Also coming up is Oktoberfest, a traditional, German party next Wednesday (Oct 9th) at Joe’s Apartment Night Club (free admission with ticket and ID).

Don’t miss the opportunity to go to The Rocky Mountains for the very last time of the year next week (Oct 11-13th) and see some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery.

Come see the famous Salmon Run (Oct 12th), and watch fish running up river to return home. Meet at Hornby Park. FREE.

Granville Brewery opens its doors (Oct 15th) to show our students how beer is made and to offer a taste of a few different brews.

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October Social Events in Toronto

TORONTO in the Fall – Let’s Have a Ball!

October is one of the best months of the year and that is because there is so much to do. Our Activities department has a great month planned with lots of new, exciting (and even scary) events that you will find ONLY at this time of year, so don’t miss out! See your activities department for more information about each activity.

photo_uoftHaunted University of Toronto Tour (Oct 10th) – Here about the spooky urban legends surrounding University of Toronto; ghosts and things that go bump in the night!

Cookie Decorating Fundraising Event (Oct 11th) – Help us raise money for the Colours of Hope Run for Cancer – Buy a cookie to decorate and eat!

Wonderland Haunt (Oct 12th) – Canada’s Wonderland get’s a scary makeover! Experience your wonhauntfavourite rides while getting chased around by goblins, zombies and witches!

Horseback Riding (Oct 13th) – Ride a horse and see the beautiful autumn leaves as they change colours.

Niagara Falls Casino Night (Oct 13th) – Act like James Bond and join us in stunning Niagara Falls as we play at the casino (just don’t lose all your money ;))

ILAC Family Thanksgiving Day Brunch (Oct 14th) – Thanksgiving is a North American holiday where we spend time with friends and family and eat lots of good food. Spend the day with your ILAC family and join us for brunch!

Moon Falls 33-Day Moon River Backpacking Trip (Oct 18th – 20th) – Experience authentic Canadian camping and nature as you hike and camp beside a beautiful waterfall. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Colours of Hope 5 K Run (Oct 19th) – Help raise money for cancer and have a great time doing it by getting covered in colour – don’t forget to wear white!

Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade (Oct 26th) – Put on your scariest costume and join us for a creepy Zombie walk where the dead come alive! FREE SONY DSC

Screamers – #1 Indoor Haunted Scream Park (Oct 27th) – This is a crazy scary haunted park with mazes, serial killers, ghosts and lots of screaming. If you like to be scared and have fun, this is the perfect place for you!

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip & Apple Picking (Oct 28th) – Join us for some fresh air as we go to a real farm and check out some huge pumpkins and pick apples right off the tree! Delicious!

Pumpkin Carving and Mummy Contest (Oct 31st) – Join us as we undertake a traditional Halloween custom and carve pumpkins. We’ll also have a Mummy contest to see who has the best costume. FREE mummy

ILAC Halloween Party (Oct 31st) – ILAC. Halloween. Costumes. Party. Need I say more? FREE!

And as always, we have lots of great sporting events like hockey, basketball and football, plus our regular club & party nights and usual sight-seeing tours at CN Tower & Casa Loma.

Experience Fall in North America, a season like no other!

Check out ILAC Toronto’s October Calendar Here.

Nuit Blanche – pARTy All Night Long!

Get ready to grab your friends, bundle up and stay out all night at one of Toronto’s best events of the year…. Nuit Blanche!

Nuit Blanche 1Nuit Blanche is an annual, all night arts festival that takes place this Saturday, October 5th. This year the city will have over 110 art projects that will be featured in galleries, museums, cultural institutions and on the street all around downtown Toronto.

Admission is free and you have the opportunity to explore the downtown core and see all of the beautiful and interesting expressions of art. You can see most of the art by walking or you can jump on the subway or take a street car. They will have everything from dance and theatre performances, to sculptures and art installations.

Nuit Blanche 3The city will be booming with nearly 1 million people as they walk around enjoying the all night event. It will begin at 6:51pm and continue until sunrise. Peak hours are between 8pm to 1am. So if you plan to go between these times, you might have to wait in line to see some of the projects. Bars and restaurants will be open later to accommodate the many people who participate in this event and even portions of the subway will run all night, making it easier to stay out late and see everything Nuit Blanche has to offer.

Nuit Blanche 2Another great thing about Nuit Blanche is the food trucks that are situated all over Toronto. Whether you want hot dogs, burgers, donuts, cupcakes, poutine, pizza, Latin cuisine, or Mexican food, there is something for everyone.

Visit http://www.scotiabanknuitblanche.ca/ for a map of the event as well as a description of all the different art projects you can see.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Erin Casper

Canada’s Foreign Workers Visa Strike is Over!

Languages Canada has announced that an agreement was reached between the government and PAFSO workers and that all 15 service centers abroad will resume normal activities.

Visa processing times will go back to normal with Canada’s foreign service officers promising to respond promptly to the backlog of visa applications abroad created by the job action.


ILAC Students at Orientation Day

“We are pleased that an agreement was reached and this sends a positive message to international students that Canada is fully open for business,” says Jonathan Kolber, ILAC Executive Director.

For the full story, please see the article in the ICEF Monitor.

Fun Apps to Improve Your English!

It’s quite common today to have an Android or a iPhone. Not only are these two smartphones very popular but tablets are also becoming more accessible. One of the reasons why these technologies are dominant in the market is because there are so many fun apps to play with.  So why not download some apps that are fun and help you improve your English at the same time!

There are many options to choose from but here are the top five suggestions for Apple and Android phone and tablets.

Practice English Grammar App LogoPractice English Grammar 2 – this app helps you learn the fundamentals of English grammar using the philosophy “practice makes perfect.” The more you use the app, the better you will become at grammar. With over 500 questions in 16 topics, Practice English Grammar 2 will strengthen your grammar skills in no time. This app also works offline, so you don’t need the internet to use it. Some of the topics that are covered include gerunds, infinitives, comparatives, superlatives, modal verbs and tenses.

24SxRcyVGL6QIzNwEQijmCPpqOx1y0Morv6iSsBV8ifsm9kK1emhQhhtAtY67xe1AOY=w300Family Feud – originally a popular television game show, Family Feud is now available as an app. The goal is to try to name the most popular answers to questions surveyed by 100 people. This application also allows you to connect with friends over Facebook, so you can play by yourself or with others. You can improve your reading comprehension, vocabulary and your spelling in an interactive and fun way.

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Toronto On A Budget – How to Save Money in the City

Toronto can be an expensive city. Food, shopping, activities, night life and transportation can all be pricey but there are many ways to enjoy Toronto without spending a lot of money.

korean2 FOOD

Going out for dinner can be costly. However, there are certain cuisines that are cheaper than others. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, try Ethiopian food or Korean food. Both are between $10-$15 per meal and are delicious. For Ethiopian food visit Nazareth and for Korean food visit Ka Chi. If you enjoy drinking, alcohol is much cheaper at these restaurants as well. There’s nothing more fun than getting together with friends from all over the world and cooking dinner. So stay in and let your friends teach you about food from their countries.


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ILAC and Conservative MP Mark Adler Host Event for Russian-Speaking Community

Mark Adler, Conservative Member of Parliament for York Centre, together with ILAC, hosted a full house of Russian-speaking professionals in Toronto’s charming Distillery district this past August. It was a great opportunity to meet people from the Russian community who were able to speak personally with Adler.

markadler.peg“It was wonderful to see the school gather the Russian speaking community together,” said marketing director Tatiana Porvatkina, “It’s our first experience doing this and was very successful.”

“ILAC is a great Canadian success story and a premier language school in Canada,” said Mark Adler, “It’s important to find synergy. The hope here is to see where we can cooperate more to make change to better the country.”

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