Study, Teach, Travel – TESOL Program now offered at ILAC Vancouver!

ILAC is pleased to announce that in addition to being offered in Toronto, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) will now be offered in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Upcoming start dates include March 10th, May 5th, June 2nd and more.

This comprehensive four-week program includes practical experience and is taught by highly qualified and skilled teachers. The diploma program, required for teaching in Canada or abroad, is 120 hours and includes a practicum at ILAC. The certificate program is 110 hours and includes a teaching observation, for students who want to teach abroad only.

“ILAC Vancouver is really excited about showcasing our outstanding teachers by offering such an amazing training program,” says Lovey Sidhu, Associate Executive Director.

Teaching English is a rewarding career that allows people to travel, experience other cultures and make money, while helping others achieve their dreams. Our graduates teach all over the world and ILAC’s TESOL Program is affordable, widely recognized and well respected.

If you’re interested in this exciting career please contact or call 604.484.6660 to speak with an ILAC representative today. For those interested in the Toronto course, please email or call 416.961.5151.

*The diploma program has been approved by PCTIA (Private Career Institutions Agency of British Columbia) and meets TESL Canada and CLC standards.

University Pathway Visits in Toronto and Vancouver

Interested in going to college or university in Canada? Join us for helpful information sessions where you can talk to school representatives and ask your questions first-hand. Come on our tours as we visit college and university campuses where you can see for yourself what it’s like. Find out more about ILAC’s award-winning Pathway program. Our team can help you choose the best program, school and city for you based on your goals and qualifications.


Capilano University

ILAC Students have fun visiting Capilano University this summer.

Thursday, Jan 16 – Capilano University: Group Tour with Pathways Counselor Carolyn Bercu. Meeting point: Cole Harbour Building, 2nd floor, Pathway Office, Room 204 at 12:30 pm

Thursday, Jan 23 – Douglas College: Group Tour with ILAC Pathway Rep. Meeting point: Cole Harbour Building, 2nd floor, Pathway Office, Room 204 at 2:15 pm

Thursday, Jan 30: Kwantlen Unvirsity: Group Tour with ILAC Pathway Rep. Meeting point: Cole Harbour Building, 2nd floor, Pathway Office, Room 204 at 2:15 pm

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10 Cheap Ways To Stay Warm in Cold Weather

Simple and affordable ways to help you stay warm when it’s freezing outside!

1) Put down a rug or carpet, you can get cheap ones at Homesense/Winners/Walmart. They are warmer to walk on and will help stop heat loss through the floor.

2) Check your windows and doors. Keep your windows closed (obviously) if you feel any cold air coming in, line them with towels. Also if you feel any cold air coming under a door, again stuff a towel at the bottom.

coffee cup3) Drink warm beverages like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot water with lemon, they will comfort and warm you up.

4) Exercise – Keep active and keep that heart rate up, this will help the blood move around your body. A great (but not cheap) exercise to try at this time is Hot Yoga, it will help you stay warm and burn off all those Christmas treats you ate! Find a studio in your neighbourhood, but beware – it can be tough for beginners. Awesome. But tough. (Yonge & Bloor)

5) Light some candles – BE CAREFUL: DO NOT LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED! You can them from the dollar store.

6) Dress warmly – lots of layers – turtlenecks, slippers, an extra pair of socks, tights/nylons. Most of these items can be found at the dollar store.

7) Buy a heating pad or make your own. Microwave socks filled with rice, corn kernels or beans for one minute in the microwave.

8) Use a hair dryer as a quick way to warm up extra cold parts of your body. Blow some hot air into your boots or in between the sheets on your bed before you go to sleep.

snuggle29) Take a hot shower or bath and put on lotion or oil when you get out to keep the heat in your skin.

10) Snuggle with a friend or someone you love! The body heat will help keep you both warm.

- Alisha Sevigny

Make a Change – Make a New Year’s Resolution

2014 is here! It’s time for a new year and a new beginning. To start the year off on the right foot, why not make a New Year’s resolution?

A New Year’s Resolution is a commitment a person makes to achieve some of their personal and professional goals. New Year’s resolutions are made for the New Year, which indicates new beginnings.  The idea is to keep the promise for the whole year. This tradition is widely celebrated throughout the world.


“Do I really need to eat another cookie?”

Here are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, according to Wikipedia:

  • Improve well-being: lose weight, exercise more, eat better, drink less alcohol, stop smoking
  • Improve finances: get out of debt, save money
  • Improve career: get a better job
  • Improve education: improve grades, get a better education, learn something new (such as a foreign language or music), study often
  • Improve self: become more organized, reduce stress, be more patient, manage time
  • Spend more time with family and friends

If you need help making your own New Year’s resolutions there is a website that will give you ideas. Check it out at

NYReso-yogaI have decided to make one New Year’s resolution. This resolution is to find balance. In this day and age, stress has become a major factor which contributes to many mental and physical issues. Whether its work, personal problems or obligations to others, we find there is not enough time for ourselves. So in 2014 I am going to make an effort to make time to relax and keep healthy and happy. One way I plan to achieve my goal is to focus more on yoga. It’s physically and mentally challenging and it has taught me how to breathe and clear my mind, so I can rid myself of stress. So I plan to make it part of my schedule and practice at least three times a week. No matter how busy I am or what excuses I may find, I must make it part of my routine, in order to keep my commitment. Hopefully by sharing my resolution it will help you to think of your own.

I am the first to admit that it’s difficult keeping resolutions throughout the year. So I have some advice that might help you from breaking your commitments.

  1. Make them realistic: I would love to win the lottery or travel the world; however I don’t see myself realistically accomplishing these things this year. So when you are making your resolutions, make sure you are giving yourself realistic expectations.muaythai
  2. Make them specific and measurable: you need guidelines to help you understand your goals and achieve them. The more specific, the better. For example: if your resolution is to lose weight, than be specific and say “I want to lose 5 pounds or 1 dress size”. Equally important is making your resolutions measurable. Think of something you can track, such as the number of minutes you exercise each day or the grade improvements on your assignments in school. You will want a record of your improvement.
  3. Write them down: it’s easy to forget your resolutions, so if you write them somewhere you know you will look constantly, you are more likely to keep them.
  4. Tell friends and family your resolutions: having a support system motivates you to keep your promises. Sometimes life gets busy and we can’t be bothered to maintain our goals, but if your friends and family remind you of the commitments you made, you might think twice about breaking your resolutions
  5. Reward yourself: sometimes we are more likely to accomplish our goals if we have incentives.  Make a plan that once you complete your resolutions, you will reward yourself with something great. For example, treat yourself to a day at the spa or buy yourself something nice.

Happy New Years and I wish you all the happiness and health for 2014!

Erin Casper



ILAC Recognized by Immigration Minister Chris Alexander at Hispanic Event

ILAC recently sponsored the “10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians,” hosted by Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander and Mr. Ian Troop, CEO of the 2015 Pan Am Games for Toronto.

Since 2007 this event has recognized 70 Hispanics from eight provinces and 15 countries of origin. ILAC’s Director Bernardo Riveros was honoured last year and on hand to congratulate this year’s winners.

In his speech Immigration Minister Chris Alexander recognized ILAC’s efforts in the immigration process, commenting “we are proud to be partners,” and referred to the school as a “leading member of that private sector group” that attracts international talent.

Mr. Alexander also stated that language schools like ILAC are “a key part of the immigration process” and contribute meaningfully to ensure that Canada “continues to be a beacon in the world; a pole of attraction for the world.”

The event was attended by 300 executives, media, diplomats, past winners and community members and was organized by the Canadian Hispanic Business Alliance, a private sector social enterprise. Other sponsors included Copa Airlines, Ingle Insurance, York University, TLN TV, Andes Travel, Seneca College and The Embassy of Colombia.

ILAC Wins Top Choice Award 7 Years in a Row

For the seventh year in a row ILAC’s Pathway Department has won the Top Choice Award for best College and University program.

The Pathway program helps our students choose and apply for college and university programs across the country. With over 60 partner schools in Canada and US and growing, the school’s program is one of the oldest and most respected in the country.

Some exciting new highlights are a recent partnership with the prestigious New York Film Academy for those interested in working in the film industry. Also, one of ILAC’s long-time partners, Centennial College, is getting a new multi-million dollar aviation research and training facility in partnership with Bombardier, which will attract talent from around the world.

At ILAC, our Pathway counsellors can assist you before you even leave your country and help to find the right program and school that matches your goals. If you’re looking for affordable high-quality post-secondary education, contact to speak to a representative today.

“Perfect Is Not So Perfect”

An ILAC Student Production!

Last month ILAC Toronto students came together to make a movie, not only as a fun and interesting activity, but as a way to celebrate ILAC’s new Pathway Partner, the prestigious NYU FIlm Academy. Students wrote, directed, shot and acted in a short film they produced all by themselves! It was a great experience and they learned many things, one of them being that filming a movie is a lot of work but creates great friendships and memories.

Congratulations to all our students who participated, you can see some of their pictures below at the Movie Gala Screening. Despite not having all the necessary sound equipment, everyone did a great job. Watch and enjoy the film!

ILAC Wins Award For Best English Language School in Canada


ILAC is delighted to be the first ever winner of the Best English Language School Of The Year for Canada. The award was presented by UED, Turkey’s Association of International Counselors, at a ceremony Saturday, November 23 in Istanbul.

Accepting on behalf of ILAC was Elif Sillaste, Marketing Manager for Turkey. This is the very first year the award has been presented by Turkey’s Agency Association.


Elif Sillaste, ILAC’s Marketing Manager for Turkey, accepts the award for Best Language School in Canada from UED.

“We want to thank the agents for selecting us for this wonderful honour,” says Jonathan Kolber, ILAC Executive Director.

Adds Director Ilan Cohen, “We hope to continue to exceed expectations and it’s our sincere pleasure to receive this important recognition from UED.”

UED recently won the STM Star Agency Association, “making Turkey proud by being the first and only organization in the country to win a STM Star Award in any category.” (UED Website)

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