ILAC Helps Make Student’s Dream of Studying English in Canada Come True


Laetitia Ropp from Paris, France had always dreamed of studying English in Canada.

She just wasn’t sure how she’d make it happen.

Fortunately for the talented student, she entered a national Facebook Photo Contest sponsored by ILAC, Air Canada, the Canadian Embassy, Le Parisien and Voyage Langue and was shocked when her picture received the most Likes, making her one of 10 finalists out of 2,000 entries.

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An ILAC Romance: Ana and Jimmy’s Story – A Valentine’s Day Special


When Ana Karina Montilla arrived in Canada in 2010 to learn English at ILAC, she was put in touch with a fellow Venezuelan working in the school’s internship department. The pretty brunette, who was placed in Beginner 2, had very little English and was glad to meet someone who could answer all her questions in this new country.

“We became friends,” she recalls with a smile. The Venezuelan was Jimmy Battaglia, who arrived in Canada in 2009 to complete ILAC’s general English program and then went on to attend Humber College in Toronto.

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5 Tips for Students Taking Exams

1) Wake up early. Give yourself time to have a good breakfast, have a coffee and not worry about being late if transportation isn’t cooperating. (I’m talking about you TTC!)

2) Don’t stress! Remember, it’s just a test. Of course you want to do your best, but the fate of your future does not usually rest upon one test. Breathe.

3) Read the instructions carefully. So many times when I was I teaching I’d see students lose marks because they didn’t read the instructions properly. Understanding instructions is part of the test itself.

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Make a Change – Make a New Year’s Resolution

New Year's Resolution

2015 is here! It’s time for a new year and a new beginning. To start the year off on the right foot, why not make a New Year’s resolution?

A New Year’s Resolution is a commitment a person makes to achieve some of their personal and professional goals. New Year’s resolutions are made for the New Year, which indicates new beginnings.  The idea is to keep the promise for the whole year. This tradition is widely celebrated throughout the world.

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