English Lesson & Quiz: Difference Between ‘Lend’ and ‘Borrow’


It is easier to improve your English if you practice every chance you get. So don’t miss our latest lesson that  we’ve prepared just for you! :-)

Check out the quiz and the radio podcast below for a lesson where we will look at the difference between ‘Lend’ and ‘Borrow.’

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How to Speak Like a Canadian

Canadian Students Speak

To speak like a real Canadian is not that hard. There are three little secrets:

1. You need to respect the country’s linguistic diversity;
2. You should know the slang that can vary from region to region due to, again, Canadian multiculturalism;
3. You should use the interjection “eh,” which is commonly associated with Canadian English. Continue reading

Service Excellence Student Profile – Santiago Uzal

Firefighters Helicopter

Growing up, Santiago Uzal (Santy to his friends) from Silleda, Spain, always wanted to be a firefighter. He wanted to help others and have a job that allowed him to be active and physical. After receiving his engineering certificate, he applied to become a firefighter. He passed the tests and became a forest firefighter who worked on helicopters.

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